Presentations 2019

CRESTCon Presentations

The CRESTCon 2019 digital brochure, with full details on all of the speakers and presentations, is available to download here: Brochure.

Videos of the 2019 presentations and previous years are available on the CREST YouTube channel:

Penetration Testing Stream – presentations

Sarka Pekarova, Cybersecurity Consultant, SureCloud: The Pirate Queen’s Techniques to social engineer her targets (and how you can too) Download slides

Tabraiz Malik, Cyber Security Associate, PwC: Unorthodox Command and Control (C2) Channels Download slides

Gabriel Gonzalez, Principal Security Consultant, IOActive: SATCOM: Attacker’s Perspective Download slides

Imran Shaheem, Consultant, Cyberis: Quantum Cryptography Download slides

Justin Clarke-Salt, Managing Director, Aon’s Cyber Solutions Group: Let’s Talk About Risk Download slides

Christopher Thomas, Solution Architect, IBM: Blockchain – conceptual and architectural security considerations and their potential associated risks. Download slides

Rewanth Cool, Payatu Software Labs LLP: Creating browser extension to hunt low hanging fruits Download slides

Incident Response & Threat Intelligence Stream presentations

Thomas V. Fischer, Security Advocate & Threat Researcher, FVT SecOps Consulting:   Building a Personal Data Focused Incident Response Plan to Address Breach Notification Download slides

Matt Lorentzen, Trustwave: Sheepl – Automating people for Red and Blue Team Tradecraft Download slides

Paula Hancock, Senior Intelligence Lead , Cyber Tech and Threats, BT Cyber Threat Intelligence: Out of the trough of disillusionment and up the slope of enlightenment Download slides

Nick Hayes, Global Head of Technical Direction, BSI: Safely Assessing Operational Technology (OT) Environments Download slides

Training stream presentations

Costas Senekkis, Senior Security Analyst, ICSI: Mandatory Access Control Essentials with SELinux Download slides

Tom Huckle, Head of Cyber Training and Development, Crucial Academy: An overview of CREST Registered Threat Analyst Training Download slides

Tony Reeves, Director of Level 7 Expertise Ltd and QA Partner: Hacking Drones… Or not? Download slides

Miguel Rego, CEO of iHackLabs: The iHackLabs approach to cybersecurity education Download slides

Max Vetter, Chief Cyber Officer, Immersive Labs: Criminal Innovation and Cyber Threat Intelligence Download slides

For filmed presentations go to  CREST YouTube

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